Experience delivering chronic disease management services

Our team brings more than 12 years of experience providing disease management services in Australia. Ranging from general disease education for health care professionals to carefully targeted and tailored interventions for patients, we have delivered an extensive number of evidence-based programs and interventions encompassing:

  • Nurse and health care provider teams
  • Medication compliance and utilisation
  • Health assessment, screening and delivery of accredited education
  • RACGP QI&CPD clinical audits and active learning modules
  • RCNA endorsed nurse education
  • GP led , targeted interventions aligned with the principles of the HCH

Unparalleled access to patients, investigators and clinical data
We have worked extensively with the IPN GP Network to support chronic care management in the primary care setting, from customised programs to large scale chronic disease management programs aligned with the principles of the patient-centred medical home.

Through our primary care network and technology infrastructure, we can effectively identity, risk stratify and target specific patient populations to guide interventions &/or to provide analytics on national, real world, longitudinal clinical data.